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Local Ambassador Application
  1. If chosen, would you commit to liking & commenting on my daily posts? (Takes about 60 seconds a day)

  2. If chosen, would you commit to sharing promotional material on your stories with your followers / “support groups” on IG / friends and dancers from your studio to help me get bookings? 

  3. If chosen, would you be willing to have your dancer styled by me for our sessions together? I typically prefer street clothes for my ambassador sessions! You can purchase, keep tags on, and then return!

  4. If chosen, would you be willing to travel within Colorado as well as to CA, FL and / or AZ? (Out of state travel is always optional but in state would be mandatory) please note that all travel expenses would be your responsibility. 

  5. If chosen, would you be willing to post a minimum of 2-3 photos a week that I have taken on your dancers account? 

  6. I highly encourage my colorado collective team to sign up for my mini subscription shoots ! The free Photoshoots received from my ambassador program will be sparatic (with free opportunities every 2-3 months.. but some may be out of state) & may not provide you will enough content to meet my minimum requirements of posting. Is this something you would be willing to do in addition to the Colorado collective if chosen? I have learned in the past, that this program is not suited for people who are only looking for handouts / free opportunities.. therefore I would like to provide this program to clients who are choosing to support me and work with me on a regular basis! Thank you for continuing to support my small business, which in turn allows me to give back and provide more free opportunities for you! (This program itself is valued at over $2,000) You can also opt. to book an hour individual session quarterly (at minimum) instead,  if you do not want to do the mini subscriptions. 

  7. Additionally, I am planning an exclusive photography collaboration for my local ambassadors and Bella Jean Photography’s ambassadors for July 29 at the Paint Mines in Colorado. This would not be mandatory but highly encouraged as I want to keep it exclusive to our ambassadors only and I am soooo excited for this shoot! Is this something you would be willing to sign up for? There would be a highly reduced fee that would be covering required permits, insurance, and paying Christina for her time and travel her for this amazing opportunity) You session with me would still be free. $200 would be the cost and would give you a 30 min session - 15 mins with both of us and all the edited images. (This is not make or break, but please answer honestly)

SUCCESS! Last step is to submit the video portion of the application!


Please have your child answer the following questions on video. You can film them as three short clips to make it easier to send. I kindly ask that you do not provide them with the answer(s) or prep them. I would like the hear from them genuinely and see their personality!
Please email to


Why do you want to represent Kaylee Kintz Photography and be a part of The Colorado Collective?


If chosen would you come to each shoot with a positive attitude and a willingness to try new things? (Even if it’s cold, hot, windy, rainy, early in the morning, etc lol) 


Show me three of your favorite dance poses that you feel like shows off your best skills!

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